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Contact person: Zhixin Chen

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Factory: Room 102, No. 5, Bang'aofang Xinxia Road, Wanjiang Subdistrict, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Hotline:(86) 13825752655

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Dongguan Yuanxinlong Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd has been in the precision machining, tooling and stamping industry for 10 years. Our vast experience in various industries over the years allows us to become more competitive and create more values for our valuable customers.

We have specialized in precision machining, stamping and plastic injecting, die making and mold making for aerospace devices, automobiles, telecommunication devices, Electronics, home appliances and medical devices. Striving continuously to improve ourselves, we ultimately produce better quality products and better quality work systems, armed with the technical know-how and a keen interest to discover better solutions in order to assist customers promptly and thoughtfully.

As an excellent OEM and ODM manufacturer, Yuanxinlong is committed to the highest level of product quality and the most thoughtful service, meeting or exceeding customers' requirements and expectations. We are always your trustworthy and reliable partner and supporter.

You are welcome to consult or negotiate business at any time.